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How it works

Solar power projects for businesses can be lengthy and complex

  We make it easy

Complete a free online assessment with just a few clicks to immediately see whether your project is viable, and how much it will save you. We connect you with trusted high-quality, low-cost suppliers to ensure you have the smoothest installation.


Assess your solar potential

In less than 2 minutes, you can mark out the area of your roof, car park or on the ground with our easy-to-use polygon tool and receive your free report with initial estimates of your conceivable profit.


We select for you the right suppliers

Access our marketplace and select the best solar supplier to suit your unique project needs. Include a maintenance contractor in your deal and take the hassle out of sourcing resource manually yourself.


We tailor necessary finance plans

Whether your business is big or small, you can find the right finance, suited for your needs. Add a customized insurance plan and enjoy a safe, zero risk investment.


We accompany you until project completion

We know the project is in good hands because we source the most trusted suppliers with stellar track-records. We help manage the project and answer your questions throughout so you are always in control.

Have a look

Here are some sample reports we generated

Asda Superstore, London

560,565 kWh/year
£ 1,751,115 gross profit

Aston & Fincher, Manchester

606,854 kWh/year
£ 1,895,699 gross profit

Your building

Your business

??? kWh/year
£ ??? gross profit

Calculate the solar potential of your business and help save the environment.

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